L’Oréal Homme Hair Salon Cumming GA


The color experts at our Cumming GA hair salon can give you a more
natural look with L'Oréal Professionnel Homme grey blending for men. 
HOMME has created a new color line for men that is suitable for all hair
types. Homme Cover 5 color covers up to 50% of grey hair for a subtle
result that gradually fades.

Engineered with Chrono-Blend Technology and Incell, Cover 5' is for
men who want to discreetly blend grey hair. Cover 5's effortless
application works in a quick five minute professional service
performed at the shampoo basin.

The ammonia-free formula covers up to 50% of white hair in 5
minutes, and up to 70% of white hair in 10 minutes. The results are
natural and masculine, fading in tone in 6 to 8 weeks leaving no
visible line of re-growth.

HOMME offers signature services and products designed to meet the
unique needs of men's hair, by discreetly blending grey hair, as well
as revitalizing, densifying or energizing different hair types.



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