L’Oréal Retro Nouveau Hair Color Salon Cumming GA

The color experts at our Cumming GA hair salon will bring you the latest hair trends.
L’Oréal Professionnel’s Retro Nouveau Color Collection is the new fashion forward
twist to retro hair design. In a world that seems to be looking for a sense of escapism,
the eternal beauty of golden age icons seemed to invite designers to revisit their
spotlights. Because it was also in this period when these iconic women shone the
brightest - and went simply on a first-name basis. They were called Liz, Twiggy,
and B.B....even today, their inspiration burns just as brightly as it did then.

Copper Siren
A brand new take on the Bardot beehive, this seductive look is true high-octane,
Hollywood glamour. Here the famous screen siren’s classic hairstyle has been
given a captivating copper twist making it the perfect fit for our favourite shades.

Ingénue Blonde
An iconic image of the swinging sixties, Twiggy’s pixie crop managed to mix boyish
masculinity with a feminine touch-making it the perfect accessory for the boyish
styles of this season.

Violet Vixen
Bringing grace and glamour to Hollywood’s Golden Age, Liz Taylor’s fabulous curls
have been the source of much hair envy. Elegant and sophisticated, this hairstyle
will take you from catwalk to cocktail party.


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